Welcome to Caring With Creativity! I am Riley, founder of Caring With Creativity an outlet for bettering our world in creative ways.  Check out all of my projects and be inspired to change the world!

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Giving is a family affair for the Neff family.
Abby, 17 the creator of Recycled Rainbows creates new + specialized crayons from used and unwanted crayons for undeserved youth and people with disabilities. Riley, 14 the co-founder of Recycled Rainbows and creator of the community service initiative Caring with Creativity that uses creative resources to empower girls. Bria, 13 as the creator of Faces of the Endangered is a wildlife artist that uses her time + talents to paint a face to disappearing species across the globe and has raised over $68,000 for endangered species. North, 10, has been providing the Humane Society with essential dog food + supplies + makes decorated milk bones for the dogs to enjoy on special days.

GTKids Project: Collecting much needed resources + sundry items for kids at the youth center and the domestic violence shelter "Sacred Shawl" at Pine Ridge Reservation.

Learn more about Giving Tuesday Kids and sign up to give back, even little things make a big difference!!!

My Special Projects

Kitties for Kids

Riley adores the kitties at her local Humane society. She volunteers and donates whenever she gets a chance. Over the last 4 years she has provided the Humane Society with over $3000 of food and supplies.

Recycled Rainbows

Recycled Rainbows is a non-profit organization that collects unwanted used and discarded crayons and turns them into new crayons for those who lack art resources and have a need for specialized art materials.

Tie-Dyed Love

Inspired by realizing that foster kids and kids in homeless shelters often times leave their situation with nothing or just a trash bag and a few items. This realization inspired the T-shirt project that is supposed to show kids that are facing these uncertain circumstances that someone their age loves and cares about them.

OnGoing Projects

Creative Care Packages

These care packages brighten the day of kids who are being bullied, going through rough times or may not have an opportunity to celebrate a birthday at home or with their loved ones.  They are filled with fun surprises for an unexpected moment that brings joy and smiles to kids faces. Filled with fabulous things such as activity books, toys and candy. There is really no limit to the creativity that is in each specially made care package.

Glasses Collection

Collect used and unwanted glasses to make sure all people have access to vision care. Riley suffers from Amblyopia and has gone to vision therapy for 4 years and had a patched eye for 2 years. Riley hopes to bring awareness to the fact that there are 217 million people with moderate or severe visual impairment.

Justice Tween Ambassador

Where Riley gets a unique platform to highlight how girls live creatively, positively, active, smart, connected and together. In April 2019 she took part in the first ever Live Justice Summit that was a weekend filled with programs to motivate, elevate and show girls how unstoppable they truly are.

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